Remember Adam and Eve? The Fruit that changed their life for the worst. We always pick things that’s not good for us. For Example(Pleasure,Money, or Another person Mate). I am pretty sure we all had our share of Forbidden Fruit.


You met him at work. He seems like the coolest dude you ever met. In the short period of time you spent together.
You felt something you haven’t felt in years(happiness). You make an impetuous decision by giving him your number. One thing you guys both forgot to mention during your great conversation is that both of you  were already involved. Now you’re in a good mood. Butterflies in your stomach, and smiling every 10 second. Then you snap Back to reality. What do I do now?  What we all  TEND do  (ignore the problem). We then become selfish( my happiness comes first). It’s been two days since you last spoke to him. Your waiting for him to call. Until then all you can think about is does he like me? how does he feel? is he going to ask me out? Then you start to feel Dubious about this whole thing. Ring, Ring you rush to pick up and its him on the other line. Your face lights up. You feel alive again. But you know something is wrong. You continue to neglect the feeling. It’s harmful you tell you self. As long as we don’t kiss.  Were just friends. He ask you out on a date and you say yes. Your excited about this date. What should I wear? How I am I going to style my hair?
OMG I am going out on a date. You want to tell a friend but you’re not sure how they would view you, so you hold back. Your friends start to question  your new look( the famous Glow). So you start to spill your guts to your closest friend. She happy for you, but tells you its wrong. Leave it alone. You tell her yes,but in your world that means NO.  Now your playing with fire.
The day finally arrives to meet him. You put on your freakum dress and go. He meets you at the restaurant for Dinner. Your so happy to see him. The Conversation is going well. You guys notice you have plenty in common. Including the fact that both of you are relationships. Finally the question comes up. Are u happy in your relationship he ask? you think about it before you answer the question. No you answer. You just made the biggest Mistake. Never tell a man about your relationship.Especially if you have nothing good to say.  They will feed off your weakness and when its time to bounce it  will all come out. You start going on and on about how things have changed between you and your significant other. The spice is not there anymore. He’s a home body.  So your date asks you why are you still with him if you feel this way?  Did you talk to him about your feelings? and you answer its complicated. Well we all know what that means( I probably want my cake and eat it to). A new guys is not going to leave his 5-10 year relationship for a new one. So you better hold on to yours.
It’s been a week. You guys decide to go on another date, and then it happens. He kisses you. Oh shit you think, but you continue to go with the flow. You start to act different with your current boyfriend and he’s noticing the changes. What do you do now? You should have stop when you had the chance. Now your having mix feelings and might do something you will regret later on. Two weeks turn into 2 months since you’ve been seeing this Forbidden Fruit. In the back of you head you know this can’t last.  You starting to pick up on things you never pay attention to before. He has to leave at a certain time. He has to excuse himself when the phone rings .  It’s driving you crazy, but you can’t say anything. You start to get too attached and want more. He tells you I have a girlfriend you knew this before we got involved. You start to feel like shit and go into depression. You feel even worst because he threw the girlfriend factor into the convo.
Things you should never do:

  • You should always talk to your partner about your feelings.
  • Never tell another man about your current one
  • Never get attached when you’re  both seeing other people
  • He’s never just a friend

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Published by MarieDriven

Marie “Driven” Theodore is a Haitian American entrepreneur and celebrity publicist that got her start in New York City working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle labels. From mainstream to niche categories she manages a base of support and operations for clients through strategic relationship building. Her roster of creative individuals and brands is impressive and her knack for navigating cultural circles is unmatched, particularly within the Caribbean community.

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