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About Chameleon Boutique:
Business owner and style maven, Sandra Paul has opened for business with her accessories Chameleon Accessories Boutique, LLC and website . Born to a master jewelry designer and a tailor, it was only second nature for Sandra Paul to develop style. With a keen eye and great taste, Sandra decided to launch the business in 2010 and provide her customers with the best fashion accessories available!
Sandra Paul’s dream to become a fashion buyer has nurtured the very concept of her unique boutique. Like a chameleon that breathes, changes shades and hues, yet pretty and elegant, Paul chose the very name that gives vital meaning to boutique motto, “Chameleon…where fashion accessories transform you.” From chic handbags to fabulous shades, Chameleon Accessories Boutique provides a range of styles and colors to offset your personal identity. Sandra proclaims, “The accessories offered at Chameleon Accessories Boutique are bold, unique and trendy. Our goal is to provide accessories to transform your attire. Therefore I feel accessories it should not be plain and dull but vibrant and fun! You will not find a plain black shoe for sale at our store.” Chameleon Accessories Boutique and new site, offers shoppers a unique experience, finding the latest in fashion at trade shows and from abroad. has an outstanding elegant fine jewelry collection and a shoe selection that is impeccable with sexy stilettos by Sergio Zelcer and Velvet Angel, both known for creating shoes that are comfortable yet bold with designs and texture. All on a site that debuts the newest designers and hottest designs! Proving accessories are essential items in ones wardrobe, accenting a woman’s personal style, Sandra Paul says, “It’s not always about chasing the trend but spending time creating your own.” From the words of a very wise shopper, Sandra knows from personal experience about the concept of transforming oneself by being confident with colors and accessorizing outfits.
Chameleon Accessories Boutique has been able to stay ahead of the trends and forecast what’s hot and what’s not! Even the “fashionista” know these items are hard to find, since she might get a glimpse in a fashion magazines. Consumers want to know where to buy them, especially the European items that celebrities are imitating and recreating in the states. Whether it’s scouring the internet for European rare finds or researching and buying at trade shows like MAGIC and ENK for accessories and FFANY for shoes, Sandra Paul has found her niche and quotes the words of fashion tycoon, Giorgio Armani who said, “It’s all about good taste.” Let Chameleon Accessories Boutique help define your style by shopping at


Published by MarieDriven

Marie “Driven” Theodore is a Haitian American entrepreneur and celebrity publicist that got her start in New York City working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle labels. From mainstream to niche categories she manages a base of support and operations for clients through strategic relationship building. Her roster of creative individuals and brands is impressive and her knack for navigating cultural circles is unmatched, particularly within the Caribbean community.

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