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New York, NY– On Tuesday’s May 29th, 2012 celebrity publicist Marie Driven celebrated her Sultry In The City Birthday Bash with family, friends and the industry’s key players.

Hosted by NYC Hip Hop power emcee, Papoose, Tuesdays event was filled with Marie’s most intimate confidants and societies elite. Sponsored by new Brazilian inspired Rum Soul andCAVODA vodka, guests sipped on specialty cocktails such as “The Drive” and “The Executioner” while dancing the night away to HOT 97’s DJ Magic.

Those in attendance include magazine editors, bloggers, radio personalities, film and tv actors, such as, Love Games Greg Aliva & Edson ,Comedian Jae Benjamin&Jeffrey GurianMTV LFL Player Tanyka Renee,Dylan DiliHip Hop Artist Papoose & More.

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Special thanks to Tashalee CruzChampion and Steve Mack from Wire/ Getty Images



145446784-papoose-attends-celebrity-publicist-wireimageHip Hop Artist Papoose

145446783-marie-driven-and-papoose-attend-celebrity-wireimageMarieDriven & Hip Hop Artist Papoose

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3324tctastytreats CupCake

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3284Marie Driven& Boutique Owner Sandra Paul

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3257Comedian Jae Benjamin, & VIVE Katerin

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3255Comedian Jae Benjamin

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3266MTV LFL PLAYER Tanyka Renee & Brande Phillips

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3262Love Games Greg Aliva

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3289Celebrity Blogger Rae Holliday

145447346-marie-driven-and-rae-holliday-attend-celebrity-wireimageCelebrity Blogger Rae Holliday

145445547-steven-syles-cobb-and-marie-driven-attend-wireimageDesigner/Blogger Steven Syles Cobb & MarieDriven

145447300-jeffrey-gurian-attends-celebrity-publicist-wireimageComedian Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters

145447291-tanyka-renee-attends-celebrity-publicist-marie-wireimageMTV LFL PLAYER Tanyka Renee

145446778-dylan-dili-attends-celebrity-publicist-wireimageOxygen Own Dylan Dili

145446776-magic-attends-celebrity-publicist-mariedrivens-wireimageHot 97 DJ Magic

145446773-williams-attends-celebrity-publicist-wireimageFashion Editor OJ Williams

145446792-greg-avila-attends-celebrity-publicist-marie-wireimageLove Games Greg Aliva

145446800-kidear-youmans-attends-celebrity-publicist-wireimageCelebrity Stylist Kidear Youmans

145446775-papoose-attends-celebrity-publicist-wireimageHip Hop Artist Papoose

145445562-nu-and-marie-driven-attend-celebrity-publicist-wireimageDJ NU & MarieDriven

2012-05-29-CEM-DSC_3286MarieDriven & Celebrity Hair Stylist Joy

145447319-tashalee-cruz-and-marie-driven-attend-wireimageTashalee Cruz & MarieDriven

Published by MarieDriven

Marie “Driven” Theodore is a Haitian American entrepreneur and celebrity publicist that got her start in New York City working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle labels. From mainstream to niche categories she manages a base of support and operations for clients through strategic relationship building. Her roster of creative individuals and brands is impressive and her knack for navigating cultural circles is unmatched, particularly within the Caribbean community.

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