Thanks for Supporting Tasheka Fragrance Launch Event!

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New York, NY—March 20th, 2012—On Behalf of Clear By Tasheka and the lovely ladies of TE, we would like to thank all who were able to attend Tasheka’s fragrance launch CLEAR last week Tuesday.

Attended by friends, family and media, Clear By Tasheka has received rave reviews amongst beauty consultants as well as some of NYC industry elite. This joyous occasion was featured on and we cannot be more proud of Tasheka.

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Special Thanks: DJ Chas, Ruth Barnes & Koren White, Joy Adaeze,Ihesiah N Myers,
,Photographer Champion Hamilton, and Ramon Orlanes

PHOTO CREDIT:Champion Hamilton
For More images on the event view Gallery below

Full Gallery:

About ” Clear By Tasheka”:

Adventurous, ambitious and vivacious, Tasheka is a savvy business woman ready to take the world by storm. Emigrating from the fruitful island of Jamaica at the tender age of twelve, this island beauty was determined to make such a transition into a prosperous future.

A fan of flowers and their unique scents, Tasheka was a lover and collector of all fragrances from her youth. A scent can either appeal or repel those within our surroundings; fascinated by this Tasheka began to craft her own blends of smells together. Through education, dedication and the support from her loved ones Tasheka crafted her signature scent. With her love for the outdoors as well as the natural fragrances that nature provides, Tasheka has selflessly designed her God inspired perfume line. Her vision was simple; it was pure, clean, vibrant and perfect. Her vision was crystal Clear. For more information on Tasheka Fragrance please visit

Through a partnership branding mavens MarieDriven and Jessica have formed the unstoppable media group Team Execution. Offering a full service branding and writing team, these lovely ladies are ready and enable to build a solid brand through their mantra: Plan, Coordinate, and Execute.These leading ladies are also partners at The Legion Media Group. Through their partnership they have combined their clientele whilst creating a diverse roster. With much to offer this duo continues to strive for greatness and success in all of its forms.

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9713Clear By Tasheka

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9694Ihesiah Myers Executive Corporation Manager at Tasheka Fragrance LLC


2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9725DJ Chas

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9728DJ Chas

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9731Mr656, DJ Chas, & DJ Jove

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9756Cynde Waston Celebrate Makeup Artist, Yvette Reyes Licensing Manager at Associated Press, Kathy Associated Press , Verna Vasquez and Melody Pana

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9772Celebrity Photographer John Ricard & Lovely Wife!

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9792Joy Adaeze Fashion Stylist/Blogger/Writer of Essence Mag & Joy Love Fashion

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9790Darryl Do Vice President of Delbia Do Fragrance and Flavors

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9796Austin Bowie at Pure Soul Magazine


The Ladies Behind TE!

2012-03-15-CEM-DSC_9850Jessica Jacques


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Marie “Driven” Theodore is a Haitian American entrepreneur and celebrity publicist that got her start in New York City working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle labels. From mainstream to niche categories she manages a base of support and operations for clients through strategic relationship building. Her roster of creative individuals and brands is impressive and her knack for navigating cultural circles is unmatched, particularly within the Caribbean community.

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