Let your next note be your best note by Tanyka Renee




Vocal coaches always rave about how tea can heal, maintain, and improve your vocal chords and singing ability.

Try Suddenly Can Sing Tea with a little bit of honey (not too much honey, as it’s obviously very sugary), you’ll enjoy the soothing qualities of the drink on your vocal cords.

Drink 2-3 cups of tea during a recording session or at a live show and you’ll have a more resilient voice that can sing for longer, and you may even notice a few extra notes at the top of your range. MORE INFO

Link: http://www.suddenlyamazing.com/suddenly-can-sing-tea/

Published by MarieDriven

Marie “Driven” Theodore is a Haitian American entrepreneur and celebrity publicist that got her start in New York City working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle labels. From mainstream to niche categories she manages a base of support and operations for clients through strategic relationship building. Her roster of creative individuals and brands is impressive and her knack for navigating cultural circles is unmatched, particularly within the Caribbean community.

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