Pappose Drops New Mixtape “Cigar Society”



Immediate Release:

It’s that time…time for the people to hear some new heat from one of Hip Hop’s most notorious (anticipated) rappers, Papoose.   Before dropping his latest Mixtape “Cigar Society” this March, Papoose is setting off the alarm with his new video for his single “6am” featuring an impressive cast of Hip Hop’s finest.  Jim Jones, JadaKiss, and one of the pioneers of “Gangta Rap”, Ice-T, join Papoose on this video to Wake Up the Rap Game.

“6am” brings the drama and story line, that “Real Rap”, which has been sort of missing in the music of today. With the addition of legendary Ice-T, the song reminisces of those hard tracks we loved to hear back in the ’90s but with current lyrical artistry by all featured. The video takes you on a ride which you can envision due to the lyrical storytelling and chemistry between the rappers. Papoose is hitting the game hard with this new video and with his wife, rapper Remy Martin, being released from prison on July 30th,  Papoose is in for a great summer!

With his birthday coming up on March 5th, Papoose will be having a video release/birthday party March 4th in NYC hottest Venue Studio XX1 to celebrate. He is dropping a couple of singles off his mix tape “Cigar Society” which has Cassidy, Raekwon and other artists, a gift to his fans!!

pap bday

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