(The Rising Generation)

Emerging Publicist and Fashion Sales Consultant .

Marie Theodore was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She’s outspoken, free spirited,hard working, and loves people.  Any project Marie takes on, she puts her best foot forward.

Surrounded by the capital of fashion, she was left with no choice but to love the fashion world. “ Fashion is about Exprementing,” said Marie. Growing up she would go to school dressed in unique clothing from crazy animal prints to solid bold color’s.
At the age of 18 Marie pursued fashion design where she teamed up with a partner and create a collection called, Touche. After a couple of months Marie wanted more. She changed direction and went behind the scenes.

Marie wanted to know how to run a successful fashion brand. She then got a Job with Men’s Wear brand Richard Harris/American Chang as a Sales Representative. Her winning personality got the brand in to stores like Lounge, Working Progress, and Pulse NYC to name a few. After going on the road to several trade shows like Magic Las Vegas, Project NY, and Pool to name a few, Marie landed a position as a Account Executive at Mark Ecko / G-Unit. Her dream of learning to run a successful business was starting to come to fruition. After a year at Marc Ecko, Marie left to get something a tad more challenging. In 2008 Marie got hired as Sales Director by VP Records who had started a clothing line called Riddim Driven. With the help of Brand Manger Jean Jones, Marie managed all major accounts and editorial placements. After a year Marie increased sales by 80 percent.The brand gained great visual appearance in both stores and publications.

In 2010 Marie left Riddim Driven to start her own consultant business.
She is now working as an independent Fashion sales/ PR consultant.

She has consulted with brands such as, Faith Clothing, Dolo Clothing, and other independent companies looking to break into the fashion industry.

Marie current roster includes Reggae Artist Serani, Mavado &Mr Lexx, Hot 97 DJ Magic, Irie Jam  DJ Calli B ,and Celebrity Stylist Kidear Youmans, and Kendra James, Lexi Marie from the Bad Girl Club, Singer, music writer, Producer Ricky Blaze, Hair by Joy,  R&B Artist Razah and Fashion editor of the Source Magazine OJ Williams.


Partners: The Legion Media Group & Jesse Jacques PR

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